September 3, 2012

DIY: Basic Mood Board

I moved in with my boyfriend a little over a year ago, we now live in a cute apartment in the middle of Antwerp city where I attend my university classes. I was sick of seeing our bare white walls so I've been collecting various images throughout summer and now I'm finally ready to decorate the wall above my desk.

My first intention with this mood board is of course to stay inspired and to keep thinking of ways to improve my style and the blog. It's also very easy to make yourself and you can change the images (or articles as you wish) whenever you want. Just click "read more" if you want to see how I made this.

interior design fashion mood board desk

diy fashion and inspirational moodboard for interior design

All you need for this DIY is a pair of scissors, paper clips, a piece of rope or cord, adhesive pads for posters (looks like bubblegum) and photos, articles, anything you wish of course!

Start by measuring your piece of cord, make sure that it's about 2 centimetres too long so the cord will get a rounder shape from the weight of the photos. Knead the posters pads until they're soft and put it on one end of the cord. Apply the cord with pad to your wall and do the same on the other side. I added another adhesive pad to hide the end of the cord but that's optional.

Now you can start adding photos, articles or other things by using the paper clips. I think it looks best if not everything is positioned straight and right next to each other, so now's the time to get creative!

DIY interior design moodboard with fashion photos

Let me know if you're looking for the source of one of these photos, I can give them to you, it's just a bit too much to sum up.

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  1. Hi Meid,

    Toffe DIY ! gA IK zeker proberen :)

    Ik kwam toevallig op je blog en ben direct verslaafd dus moet ik je wel achtervolgen ;)

    p.s Wil jij ook een Snake Wrap Earring winnen ? Doe dan mee mijn met giveaway :)
    Kom gerust een langs :)



    1. Hey!

      Dankjewel voor je comment! Ik kom zeker eens een kijkje nemen op jouw blog ;)

  2. Ziet er superleuk uit!
    Bij mij zou geloof ik alles naar beneden vallen haha,
    maar nu ik op zolder zit gaat het sowieso niet meer werken met alle schuine muren,
    jammer vind het namelijk echt leuk!

    1. Dankjewel! Misschien als je de foto's ook onderaan vastmaakt op een stuk koord, dat het wel lukt op een schuine muur. Maar dat heb ik zelf nog niet geprobeerd! ;)


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