I am a true optimist, always have and always will be. I believe that no matter how bad a situation seems, you won't change it by looking at it in a negative way. Instead I try to focus on the challenge of finding a solution & I believe that working and trying to improve yourself day by day always surpasses complaining. Although, let's be honest, sometimes it feels damn good to vent a little ;-)

I'm actually thinking about getting this quote as a tattoo. Who knows, maybe one day!

My Piercings

All jewellery from RabbitsFantasyWorld

My piercing collection is always changing and I love playing with new jewellery. A few years ago I had 3x ear lobes on each side, my inner conch, industrial and navel done but I took most of my ear piercings out. I either grew a bit tired of them or they were too noticeable at that time, like my industrial. Right now I have 1x regular earrings on each side, a double helix, my inner conch and my navel pierced. And I'm not even done yet because I'm thinking about getting a triple forward helix soon - if it weren't for the rumours of pain and difficult healing. It really is an addiction! I recently bought these new jewellery pieces for them. All rose gold titanium as I love that for ear piercings!

Anna Ławska

This piece from Anna Ławska, a Polish jewellery designer, instantly caught my eye due to its geometry and stunning simplicity. I've always had a thing for symmetry and the way the designer played with stainless steel here makes this piece a huge must-have for me!

MyDubio in basics

MyDubio is a Dutch blog which has been among my favourites since I discovered it. Her combination of designer basics and a minimal style make this girl's look a true eyectacher!


The months may have past by since my last outfit post, but my style surely hasn't changed that much. I'm still into basics, neutral colours and dressing down. I did buy some new items along the road though. I never thought of Adidas as anything more than a sports brand, until the recent return of the Stan Smiths. The renewed popularity of this former tennis shoe and current fashion must-have made me take a closer look at the Adidas collection and that is when my eye fell on these Superstar 2 sneakers. A timeless, classic that I can wear with basically anything, from shorts to jeans and skirts. You can shop your pair here or here.


The last couple of months I've been focussing more than ever on finding and wearing the right basics. I didn't spend too much time taking account of the ongoing, evanescent trends in fashion and I'm not really interested to do so either.  The last few months for me have only shown that I've found my own style, which makes my shopping and browsing the internet for inspiration a lot more efficient and even fun. For example, the above dress with rose gold jewellery would be something that I'd love to wear this summer!

Dress: Mango Premium / Earrings: Moorea Seal / Bangle: COS


This is definitely a sentence that applies to bloggers and anyone else for that matter in their private as well as business life. You are beautiful in your own way and there isn't a person on this planet who is worth more or less than you are. Living with your flaws may not be the easiest thing, but comparing yourself or your work to others certainly won't help. You are after all in a unique situation, just like everyone else. The way I see it, you cannot compare your beginning to someone else's middle.

Enjoy your last bit of the weekend and definitely keep this sentence in mind!

Maria Van Nguyen

This beautiful yet minimalistic spring jacket was designed by Maria Van Nguyen, a Norwegian fashion design student and blogger. I've been following her blog for quite some time now and I love seeing the new pieces she designes as a junior in the menswear section. She has such an intriguing style and I really think it's worth keeping an eye out for her.